Monday, February 15, 2010

South Africa: The Beginning of the Beginning

"LET THE WILD RUMPUS BEGIN" - Inspired by the words of Maurice Sendak, I welcome you to INSIGHTS & IMAGES: Travels with Doreen. After over 20 years in the travel industry and even more years as an avid photographer, I decided to go public to share my adventures and my love of travel. Many times my clients have told me that travel experiences I arranged for them were "life changing". Until recently, I did not have a visceral understanding of what they meant. Now that I have had my own epiphany, I am writing this blog with the hope that looking at my photos and reading my impressions will cause you to want to pack your bags and expand your own horizons. I am ready to help you live your dreams. Even if you never leave your armchair in front of the fireplace, I hope that reading my words and viewing my photographs will enhance the way you experience the world.

The impetus for this blog, my great electronic adventure, was my own visit to South Africa in August/September 2009. When I returned from this trip (with over 2500 digital photos to organize) I started to create an online album to show to friends and clients. I soon wanted to have something more than just photos to share, and the project quickly grew into a way for me to display the images and, perhaps more important, to recapture the thoughts and impressions sparked by my experiences in Africa. I invite you to visit the resulting photo journal (don’t worry – I winnowed those 2500 photos down to a manageable 713) at . It is the visual blog that set my feet upon this current path. I warn you in advance that it is long and has some adult content (we were there during the mating season for lions and leopards). The photos look best in full screen slide show, but you have to be a speed-reader to catch all the text in that mode. Settle in with the beverage and snack of your choice and embark on your vicarious adventure (it beats cleaning closets on a cold winter day). I hope that you will be inspired to undertake your own journeys of exploration.


  1. Great photo! I assume it is a sunset - who gets up for dawn when you're on vacation?

  2. You are correct. It is indeed a sunset. Coincidentally, the photo was taken on Vancouver Island in February 2009. That part of the world, where the Games of the Winter Olympics are currently underway, will be the subject of my next entry. (Am I paying you to shill for me?)

  3. (Robert:) This is great idea! Where are we going next?